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From Imperial cruisers to ancient worlds, no matter where your adventure takes you, our designs will take your fantasy to the next level. 

Started in 2022 by science fiction and fantasy lovers Erik Jacobson and Elliot Vainer, Otherworld Outfitters offers the highest quality 3D-Printed arms and armor for cosplayers, re-enactors, and anybody who want's to feel like a part of their favorite universe. 

Featuring designs inspired by top franchises such as Star Wars, Halo, Marvel, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and many more!

From fully-finished carbon fiber sets to PLA DIY kits, our wearable art is sure to take you straight to other worlds. 

New World

Erik Jacobson

Erik has been a lifetime lover of science fiction and fantasy, starting with his introduction to Star Wars at age six. In the decades that followed Erik has been consumed with his love of other worlds. From basement Halo lans to comic conventions, there's no world Erik hasn't wanted to explore. As Director of Operations Erik brings years of market operations experience, ensuring quality customer support and a brand you can put your faith in. When he isn't working on bringing you the best in wearable fantasy art, you can usually find Erik playing MMORPGS, devouring movies, and acting as a Dungeon Master for his friends.

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Elliot Vainer

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